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WOHM is a Christian non-profit organisation birth out of compassion for the poor and the hopeless. It was a journey that began in our heart in the 90’s when seeing the suffering of young people. We could only think there is still hope and the burning desire to extend Christ message of hope to the hopeless.

Vision: Our vision is to alleviate poverty through practical deeds and the preaching of the saving message of Christ Jesus.


Mission:  to give hope to the helpless.



  • Salvation:

First and foremost, we believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ through His death and His ability to change every life.

  • Love and Compassion: Love is a universal language that needs no translating. It can be felt by every tribe, nation, and religion and has no age boundaries. The expression of love results in compassionate acts to touch and to transform.

  • Unity and Dignity: Salvation through the love of Christ Jesus and act of compassion fosters unity in one purpose and restores dignity.



  • To help young people who want to study further their education

  • To support in giving them vocational training

  • Microfinance to help start a small business

  • To rehabilitate people on the street back into work or vocational training

  • Social rehabilitation and citizenship reorientation

  • To give people hope in life through Jesus

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